Flight Safety Cards to the Rescue

Onboarding your workshop participants into the visual collaboration tools Mural and Miro – the fast & funny way

Remote and hybrid workshopping has proven to be facilitated (pun!) by using visual collaboration tools such as Mural and Miro. But how to onboard participants unfamiliar with using those? There are three ways you can do this:

  • Do an  INtro  at the beginning of your session to onboard. But this takes away time from the actual workshop and bores those already familiar with Mural or Miro. Additionally not everybody might dare to ask in order not to be seen as freshman.
  • Do a  PREtro  right before the actual session. Like in some theatres before the play begins, a pre-session can help onboarding the newbies without eating up workshop time. But this can be difficult to fit into calendars of all participants in question.
  • Use the  Lœwenberg Flight Safety Cards  without the hassle of the above:
    • as pre-read for up-front preparation
      they include best-practice for tech setup as well
    • as cheat sheet during the sessions
      they include useful pro-shortcuts, even experienced users often don’t know about

The printable Lœwenberg Flight Safety Cards can be placed right onto every Mural and Miro board – using tipp no. 3 mentioned on the cards 🙂

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